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  • Rockets & Rascals Coffee Tins
  • Rockets & Rascals Coffee Tins

Rockets & Rascals

Rockets & Rascals Coffee Tins



Take home the taste of Rockets & Rascals with our tins of coffee. 

Seadog is our house blend, it's the coffee we serve up each day and is roasted especially for us by Devon Coffee Co just a few minutes bike ride from our Barbican location. 
If you're looking for something a little different then try Aviator, rather than blends they are single origin coffees, handpicked from around the world for different flavours and roasted locally for optimum freshness. 
Available as either ground or beans, can be used in your cafetière, aero press or espresso maker. They also make a great filter coffee. 

Bring your tin back in for a refill for £6.50


Seadog coffeeSold in air tight clip lid tin 225grams

Abandoned at birth Seadog grew up on the docks. The spirit of discovery took him away from Plymouth and into the eye of a storm that followed him wherever he went. When your wrestling Giant Squid or staring down a Great White you start your day with a decent coffee! For consistency of flavour choose Seadog, the coffees will change with the seasons to keep the flavour you love.

Aviator coffee - Sold in air tight clip lid tin 225grams

Kicking off each day with a strong hit of coffee is essential when your flying long stints or dropping explorers into uncharted territories. The Aviator lands her sea plane back in Plymouth with all sorts of packages on board, some less legal, some just bags of fine coffee. Explore the outer limits with Aviator, Singe Origin coffees that change frequently, but are all roasted for Espresso and a full bodied filter.

We also have the Seadog as a framed print here

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