• Rocket RRC Ride

Every Saturday 08:30

Rocket RRC Ride



Rockets Riders Club is our homegrown riding community, it's a club like other cycling clubs but our focus isn't on racing, it's on having a great time riding bikes, plus the odd non-bike based activity. 

Our rides are every Saturday at 08:30, through the summer we also have a Wednesday evening ride. All rides start, and usually finish, at Rockets & Rascals.

Our rides are mainly on the road but we do have gravel and off road rides on a less formal basis. 

Most Saturdays we have two rides, The Rockets which tend to ride 2.5- 3 hours at an average of around 15-16mph, The Rookie Ride ride is a little less energetic, typically averaging 12-13mph and riding for 2 hours. We also have a quarterly social night, these are a chance for the group to get together away from the lycra.

Once you've been on a few rides you may want to consider joining the RRC, the yearly cost is £20 and this gets you a gold loyalty card for Rockets & Rascals. All members of the RRC are regulars at Rockets & Rascals, to join you just need to be a loyalty card carrying customer. 

RRC is club Registered with British Cycling and Cycling UK

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