Vielo V+1 Rundown

Posted on 05 July 2018

We’re the only dealer of Vielo bikes in the South West, if you’re from London that won’t be the case because your definition of the South West includes Portsmouth, Swindon and Bath but that’s not proper.

Taking on a brand like Vielo is a big undertaking for us, firstly they are really expensive, we don’t expect to sell many of them because there’s a finite amount of people looking to spend £5K on a gravel bike on our patch, that said it’s a brand we have an affinity with, it’s a small rider owned company with just a handful of people and this makes a better product, the journey between rider and manufacturing is very short, so rather than a rush to meet the deadlines of a model year it’s a just a product that continues to evolve as time goes on. It also allows them to do some other stuff like rad colour ways.

The bike we have is basically a demo bike, to buy a bike like this you need to ride it first, if you’re going into a shop to buy a five grand bike, whether from us or any other store then you need to ride it. If you don’t think you need a test ride then in all honesty you more than likely also don’t need a five grand bike. You might just have a load of cash and want a flash bike, the Vielo is a flash bike, one of the flashiest bikes ever, but it would be criminal to buy this just for the bragging rights, it’s so much more than that.

The Vielo performs two basic functions, it rides on the road really well but it also rides off road pretty well too.

On the road
The V+1 is a lightweight carbon frame, it’s really very light, the rear stays are bladed and thin to flex slightly and because it’s designed to be run with a single front chainring the bottom bracket (the bit down the bottom) is very wide and stiff. This essentially gives the Vielo an advantage over many road bikes on the market today. The disc brakes work phenomenally well and the thru axles (a stiffer type of wheel axle) keep things tight and right. Our V+1 also boasts a dropper post which seems bonkers but actually it’s a great way for you to drop the seat height on the move, it puts you in a more aero position for descents and whilst it’s traditionally something you’d find on a mountain bike we have only ever used the dropper on the road. The bike is built with SRAM 1x11 gears, carbon bars and a nice set of DT wheels, it’ll also run 40mm tyres pretty happily but can also run normal 28mm road tyres.

Off Road
Running the 40mm tyres it’s a blast off road, it’s way more capable than it looks and I used this bike in the recent Flanrou event up in Somerset, 100km of gravel tracks, rocky lanes, mud strewn paths and rooty single track, the bike coped fine. Sure it’s not a mountain bike but it makes boring trails very exciting, it’s stable, fun to ride and eggs you on. If the V+1 is a gravel bike then it really is best in class, it’s as close to a road bike as a gravel bike could get but somehow also manages to be as capable as a cross bike off road but actually a little more comfortable.

Come and check out the V+1, we can talk you through it’s key merits and if you leave us with some ID you can take it for a little spin. It’s available as a frame or a full build, it’s also available in multiple colours with the odd custom job thrown in. We can also do custom paint if that’s what you fancy.

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