Jan Fondo Final Details!

Jan Fondo Final Details!

Jan Fondo is here!

Thanks for entering Jan Fondo, it’s so cool when people sign up for our little events, get their bikes out and meet some new people. It’s going to help make winter feel shorter we promise! 

If you entered early then a sincere thanks, we understand it's the first time we've run this event but entering early really does allow us to make our events better and cater for everyone properly. 

You’re also pumping a bit of life into independent cycling businesses in the dark of winter so please feel warm and glowy about that when your toes have frozen solid!

The Weather
On that note we’ll start with the weather, the forecast is typically erratic but at this late stage it looks a little like it’s going to be cold and sunny. We’re not expecting icy conditions as for the most part it looks like it’ll be dry on Saturday too so, with luck we’ll just have it cold and a bit windy. That said you’re taking on some relatively hostile terrain so be prepared for that. Expect temperatures to be close to zero celsius, we’re not expecting ice but don’t rule it out - be vigilant and if you’re worried adjust your route to one that is gritted. The wind will be a bit gusty but it’s a tail wind home!
Wrap up warm, take extra clothes in case you have a mechanical and be prepared.
If you’re not sure then don’t ride, we want you to feel safe and enjoy it.

The event starts at Rockets & Rascals, 7 Parade, The Barbican. PL1 2JL

If you’re driving into Plymouth and want to know where to park then either park in any of residential streets in St Judes and pedal in or Cattedown Industrial Estate will be empty and there’s heaps of parking space five minutes ride from Rockets & Rascals. 

The Ride
Hopefully you’ll have read the event description when you entered and you’ll understand that this is NOT a sportive, it's basically a glorified version of our Saturday Rocket Rides so we hope you'll engage in the spirit of having some fun. We’re not here to nanny anyone and we’re not timing it, in fact we’re also riding the event so for the most part you’ll be looking after yourself and your mates out there. Think of it as a reliability trial, you need to get to Okehamption Station in one piece and get back again. That said we have key measures in place to fall back on if it goes wrong and to keep you moving. 

Rockets & Rascals will be open from 06:30 for registration and the cafe is open from 07:00 for coffees and breakfast. There’s no number on your bike, you just need your Brevet Card which we’ll tick at each point.

Off Road Riders heading through Saltram need to be gone at 0800 otherwise you’ll collide with the January Jaunt run taking place through Saltram from 0900.

Anyone else needs to leave by 0830, we’ll be leaving at 0900 so there’ll be no registration after this time.

If you signed up but you’re having second thoughts then don’t worry, you’ll be made welcome down at Rockets in the afternoon and you may as well collect your Jan Fondo mug. Otherwise just get down and register and get out and ride a bit of it, ride to Yelverton or Tavistock - there's nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. 

The Route
You make your own route, that’s part of the challenge. Sustrans have already provided a pretty decent route in Cycle Route 27 but if you’re on a road bike then not all of this is smooth surface so be sure to check it out first. A mix n match of Cycle Route 27 with some back roads is good. You can go whatever route you like, just like you would on any other Sunday, you just need to get to Okehampton. We would advise you NOT to ride on the A30.

This event is not for the unprepared, it’s a hard ride in cold conditions. 

The Checkpoint
The checkpoint is at Okehampton Station. If you’re riding down the Granite Way (cycle route 27) then you’ll end up here, if you’re on the road then it’s signposted from the centre of Okehampton and on all roads leading in. You’ll enter the station through a gate then bear right through the gate by the station building and onto the platform.

Spencer will be the not-Fat Controller up at Okey on the Railway Platform to tick your Brevet Card and make sure you’re ok. We’ll have some water to refill your bottle and some energy drink if you need it. The station tea rooms will also be open and we’ve arranged for each rider to get a tea or coffee at the checkpoint, we’ll also have some chopped up energy bars and some biscuits. If you want proper food then there’s a cafe that’s warm and they do bacon rolls. If you need a load of food when you ride then take it with you. Spencer will also have some tools and a few spare tubes etc if you need to make emergency repairs but there’s NO mechanic, if you’re worried about your bike holding up then get it fixed before you ride.

It’s all gone wrong!
There’s three scenarios where we class it as going badly wrong, we have a small support crew out there but we have 125 riders so we need to minimise the risk of exposure by making sure you are honest about your own position:

1. Your bike is now unrideable - you’ve got spares and tools but it cannot be fixed. If you can patch it up and press on to Okehampton then great, if not then find a warm place to hide out and call the number in your Brevet card. If you can get to either Yelverton, Tavistock or Lydford then you will find warmth, tea rooms and an easier pick up. Keeping moving, even walking, is also better than standing still and getting cold. 

2. You have massively blown up - This can be avoided by not riding if you feel unfit or just ride some of it, there’s no shame in turning for home if you feel bad. Don’t risk your own safety. If you get to Okehampton and it’s really not looking good then speak to Spencer and we’ll organise to get you home, don’t press on if you can't. 

3. You have crashed and hurt yourself - If there’s a proper medical emergency (head injury, broken bones etc) to yourself or someone else then don’t call us, call 999 first. Exposure to the cold will make action times very short. If you have crashed and it’s a minor injury (cuts and scrapes) or the bike has broken then get somewhere warm first and then call us.

Bragging rights
If you like to show off then the Strava group is already full of riders, make sure you get onboard. This is where you can compare distances and times after the event.


Thanks again for signing up, we’re about in the shop on Saturday if you have any other questions.

The Finish
You need to be back at Rockets & Rascals by 1600, you’ll get your card ticked, we’ll give you a finisher’s mug and fill it with either Wolf Rock IPA or warm coffee/tea. We expect the first riders back from lunchtime so the atmosphere should be really great.

If you enjoy the event then it's basically a small version of our multi day Trans Devon event coming in May.

May the Force be with you!

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